Saturday, August 12, 2017

SCOM Management Pack is dependent on Microsoft.SystemCenter.SecureReferenceOverride


You try to delete SCOM 2012+ Management Pack. You get error:
"Following Management Packs depend of the management pack you are trying to delete. Please delete the following management packs manually first.

No manual XML file editing.
  • Open a PowerShell session with the Operations Manager module/snappin loaded.
  • Type: $MP = Get-SCOMManagementpack -Name Microsoft.SystemCenter.SecureReferenceOverride
  • Now we can view the referenced management packs by typing $MP.References
  • From the list of items in the Key column, note down the alias of your MP you wish to delete. If you are having trouble finding it, the Value column will list the full ID of the MP.
  • Now that we know the MP alias, we can remove it from the Secure Reference MP by typing $MP.References.Remove(“yourMPAliasGoesHere“)
  • Now we can verify the MP is valid by entering $MP.Verify() to ensure there are no orphaned overrides, etc.
  • Finally, we can save our changes by typing: $MP.AcceptChanges()

Once this is done, give the SCOM management group a chance to catch up (you might have to wait a minute and then refresh your console). When you now check the Dependencies tab of the MP you want to delete, you’ll see that the SecureReferenceOverride MP is no longer listed and you’ll be able to remove your MP.