Thursday, September 24, 2015

Skype for Business Server (formely Lync) and Skype Connectivity provisioning request failed

Since the release of Skype for Business, Microsoft has changed the way you connect to Skype accounts.
Previously, Skype users were required to associate the Skype ID with a Microsoft account. This was quite cumbersome because all Skype users would have to update their account, and if someone didn’t complete the association, he couldn’t connect from Lync/Skype for Business to the Skype Account.
When Skype for Business was released to the general public (GA), Microsoft made a welcome change to the way connectivity works. The new connectivity is based around Skype IDs and does not require the association with a Microsoft account. The new “” domain is added to the Skype ID to create a valid SIP Address
Previous part was just introduction how cool "Skype for Business to Skype" Connectivity is now.
Back to our problem. Assume following situation now:
- You have started to use Lync Online (then Skype for Business 2015 Online)

- You let S4B Online users communicate with external S4B or Skype contacts per following article 
- At some point your organization decided to have Enterprise Voice (at this moment Cloud PBX with PSTN is in Preview) and you had to move back On Premise to Skype for Business Server 2015 (or Hybrid) with the same sip domain.
- You deploy Skype connectivity per technet article and go to to make a provisioning request to MS. You see in "Activation and Provisioning Details" that it's first time you ever requested it.
You fails with following error:
This Access Edge service FQDN or domain is registered to another organization: <your sip domain name>

Solution is easy but can be time consuming. Just go back to Skype for Business Online and deactivate "Public IM Connectivity" feature.
Wait for a couple of days and try provisioning request again via (maybe you will have to wait longer).
Good luck!


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