Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Exchange Cutover migration batch error "Couldn‎'t find object "/o=NT5..."


You migrate mailboxes to Exchange Online using Exchange Cutover scenario. You start the Cutover migration batch, and get following error for some users:
Error: ProvisioningFailedException: Failed to update one of the recipient properties. --> Couldn‎'t find object "/o=NT5/ou=9b22534a504ae64e826374ec36c06562/cn=a3b7c64174213644975404f83e27205a". Please make sure that it was spelled correctly or specify a different object.
Unfortunately, the error message and the report gives no further details about exactly which recipient's property failed to update. The synchronization of affected mailboxes cannot be successfully completed due to this error.


In my case affected on-premises mailbox account had "Send-On-Behalf" permissions or the "Manager" field which pointed to disabled Active Directory account (ex. people who are no longer working for the company).  

The solution is to clear this stale account from the properties of affected mailbox. Then stop and re-run the Migration Cutover batch again.
Paul Cunningham provided few PowerShell scripts which allow to find such stale objects: